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Suga Test
Weather Meters
SUGA, established in 1920, has been specialized in
manufacturing i.e.
Weather Meters
Corrosion Test Instruments
Optical Property Measuring Instruments
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Over 50 years we have been distributing thousands of Japanese manufacturer's Test and Measuring Instruments. We have 32 domestic offices strategically located in Japan. We also have our legal entity present in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan and 13 offices in China. Our offices house experienced engineers and are well equipped for after-sales-service.

Electronics Test & Measuring Instruments, Communication Measuring Instruments, Mechanical Measuring Instruments, Environmental Temperature & Humidity Chamber, Shock, Drop & Vibration Tester, EMI/EMC ESD, Lightning, Surge Simulator, Anechonic Chamber & Shield Room, Production Tools & Jig, Used Equipments Sales
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We provide test and measuring instruments repair and quality calibration. Should you have any enquiry on our range of products and services, we shall be pleased to render our assistance to you. Please feel free to contact us. We look forward to serving you towards Quality and Production Improvement. We provide the After Sales service to the best level and maintain a good business relation forever. We provides the product that suits both quality and budget level of the company. We mainly Emphasis on the qualities of the product. Quality is our endless pursuits of perfection.
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